ModBus Interface

The Modbus Interface is a software module that can be added to the Supervisor to interface with Supervisory Systems and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). In this fact, BMS (Building Management System) has the facility to integrate tank gauging tank information and environmental monitoring system.
Using MODBUS protocol, it allow connections to systems like SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers).
S2 System can send information to a SCADA or to a PLC required only to be connected in the network. In all situations the S2 system always acts as Slave, providing requested information. The Modbus protocol support is provided in the S2 Interface module software.
If direct control is needed (without PLC) please check S2 System Programmable Logic module and associated electronic boards designed for this operation. S2 Modbus interface allows connecting either a network node or via a RS 232 serial communication so as to provide integration with many common PLCs.

Principle of ModBus Interface

You have to install the IMB application interface (ModBus) and connect to a PLC.

S2 System Módulo CLP


In some plants, there is a fundamental requirement to control pumping and filtering that must operate under certain conditions. Operations such as spare tank filling, Diesel dialysis , etc. require continuous measurement and real time integration integrated and controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or a Supervisory System (SCADA, BMS) to perform operations automatically and in a safe form.

Connection with Modbus Protocol

Using Modbus RTU protocol (Ethernet) or Modbus IP protocol, the Supervisor maps all information, emulating a PLC Record. The configuration parameters allow Supervisor to integrate with another PLC with the definition of the types of communication, device, doors, etc.




The S2 system even allows the co-existence of two simultaneous connections in MODBUS protocol, one in TCP / IP and other standard RS232 serial mode, operate in redundant to meet requirements in mission-critical systems.

Device Mapping

For data collection, the supervisor will keep information in a mapped form and may be read by any Supervisory System in a simple and direct way.

Initial Reg.
Final Reg. Number of Reg. Number of Devices Observation
Gross Tank Volume
30,000 30,047 48 24 Probe 1 to Probe 24
Tank Level
30,074  30,121 48 24 Probe 1 to Probe 24
Product Temperature
30,148  30,171 48 24 Probe 1 to Probe 24
Water Kevel
30,222  30,245 48 24 Probe 1 to Probe 24
20° Volume Tank
30,296  30,343 48 24 Probe 1 to Probe 24
Probe Status
30,370  30,393 48 24 Probe 1 to Probe 24
Sensors Status
30,444  30,539 96 96 Probe 1 to Probe 96
Supervisor Status
30,570  30,570 1 1 Supervisor

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