DigiOut is a compact device with an internal processor to control other equipment installed in non hazardous areas. It is specially designed to operate in conjunction with IBOX. Each DigiOut equipment can control up to 8 outputs. Allows cabling savings due serial communication connection with the IBOX. It's controlled Programmable Logic S2 Module ( LPS) that performs a customized logic control assembled with Logic Editor that user can define easily a specific logic to maneuver a filling of a tank , dialysis operations, etc.


Can be used in industrial plants that require accurate closed loop control with direct integration with tanks gauges or alarms conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Eight Dry Contact Digital outputs;
  • Continuous monitoring of locally outputs;
  • Informs in real time the outputs current state;
  • Enables Watch Dog configuration for failure triggering and external alert.


The installation and assembly are very simple, required only a wired connection with IBOX.

Technical Specifications

0,55 kg
Operation Temperature
0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
90% (Max) Not Condensing
Place of Installation
Internal Safety Area
Communication Serial
Total of Digital Out 8
Installation Area Not Classified Area
Connection between Modules 4