How to become a Solution Integrator

To become a solution integrator, there is a documental formalities to be accomplished. This is solved by signing an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

The NDA is instrumental in formalizing partnerships between companies. It is basically a confidentiality agreement that seeks to preserve the identity and rights of both companies the term subscribers.

Why sign the NDA?

The signing of the NDA allows companies to inform subscribers of their customers who have a technology partnership with each other, so official. This prevents the market is uninformed if there really is an official link between the companies.

With the signing of the NDA between the companies, the RSP allows access to all documentation and software simulators for the company to develop an application to interface with the platform S2. It should be noted that there is no cost or any charge for such work.

Who signs the NDA?

Today we have several solution companies that signed the NDA with the RSP. We are manufacturers of Software Management and Business Equipment Manufacturers that have complementary signing with RSP.

How is the model of the NDA?

Click here for the NDA for signature model (and here for .doc model).

What is the procedure for evaluation?

After obtaining the model on the site, this should be examined and if approved the terms of this document should be sent to the data adequate filling of the Contract.

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. agreement stating the terms of the contract and the data for the total fulfillment of the agreement.

What is the procedure for signing?

The RSP will send two copies of the document with all data filled in by e-mail signature and notarization of signatures.

How the process is finished?

After we receive the contract signed with the notary, will be provided to our signature and notarization, returning a path to the file of the applicant company.

It is also sent an email with the login to download the documentation and software models on our site.

Obtaining Documentation

After signing the NDA, there is provided a login and password to access the site in the download area where you can download the package and S2 S2 Interface Simulator with all its documentation and explanatory video.

The development is Hard?

Communication with the RSP System S2 is done through an IP-friendly development. This protocol allows ease of the final tests can be made directly from your company without adding any equipment.