Tank Gauge

Offering many solutions for tanks gauging, we serve a whole range of applications and requirements for fuel market. Our equipment is the market most desirable giving robustness, high quality product and information accuracy.

Fully modular, it can be dimensioned according to your needs, providing process valuable information, gauging tanks up to million liters. In Industrial segment, our devices have unique mechanisms to interface with Supervisory Systems (SCADA) and other differentials.

Enviromental Monitoring

Our Environmental Monitoring solutions exceed all requirements performing direct control and low cost, allowing interfaces with a large variety of industry-standard protocols. With a wide range of equipment developed we embedded the highest technology to offer functionality and performance. Our equipment concept is focused on the end user, to accomplish a value added operation.

Tank Access Control

Working with new concepts and differentiated products, RSP offers an exclusive line of products for Tank Access Control: Smart Seal
It is specially designed to control a remote delivery operation, providing security and totally integrated to tank gauge system. You may have vital information to managing deliveries, even if are unassisted. This is an effective control to prevent frauds.
Imagine to be informed at each operation of opening or closing the tank in a real time. Smart Seal, accepts remote commands and can be locked by a Smartphone from anywhere. This is protection and security for all your tanks.

Cloud Solution

RSP has the only platform in the market dedicated to manage and control a networking of sites. All site information are collected to be reconciled and compiled in a easy form to take immediate decisions, adding efficiency benefits to your business that you desires always needed. Our clients have the privilege to analyze real-time information of its processes, and in graphic way have a continuous view of all the operation and logistics. This is a Cloud Total Management. Use S2 Mobile app for Smartphones as an indispensable control tool using anywhere.

Fleet Control

With the same Tank Gauging platform, have the benefits of a Fleet Control functionality fully integrated. Adding few elements in your forecourt, have the benefits to use the digital fleet identification to support a new brand of control and new services.
This is a new kind of quality information to loyalties programs and to enhance your market share. Control your sales establishing different policies of fleet control, according to the needs of your business.

Aferição Controlada

Controlled Calibration

As a unique feature, due an extreme precision and sensitivity optical probes, you have in your hands the fully control of a pump calibration. You can receive a report with all abnormalities and process deviations. The equipment guides the user for calibration operation, recording all transactions done until the final product return to the tank.

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