Ecologic II is specially designed to monitor liquid sensors (like SmartLiq) installed in a gas station plant. It executes continuous monitoring with alarms indicators and historical data in memory. Leak conditions and other status are shown in a simple and direct way.

The figure below illustrates the default installation topology of a Ecologic II system:

Modelo Ecologic II

Ecologic Versions

  • The Ecologic EC2 has been specially designed for the Environmental Monitoring gas stations, which monitors several liquid sensors of the forecourt;
  • The Ecologic MDB is highly compact and robust Environmental Monitoring, including as a native protocol the Modbus standard. Is the best way to interface with BMS and PLC’s.

System Peripherals

  • The MuxLiq operates as a hub of intelligent sensors for liquids. With its use, allows a reduction of up to seven times the distance of the cables used in a conventional installation;
  • The SmartLiq is the sensor that singals the presence of liquids. Installed in the interstices of containment tanks or cameras can be connected to any of the S2 devices: Seal, Probe or MuxLiq;

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