SmartProbe - Accurate Volume Measurement

Smart Probe is a smart device designed for accurate tank gauging. With a robust construction has sealed floaters for better security and has the capability to identify markers (CromaID add on) accurate tightness tests (0.1 gal/hour or 0.2 gal/hour), volume compensation (net volume) and many others features. With continuous monitoring , using S2 Platform could inform sales forecasts, and tank compensation.

With a resolution of 0.01 mm (0.0004 inches) and could identify minimal product oscillations inside tank.

Automatic Tank Gauges with RSP Technology are a new concept of operation and data quality: Accuracy and Safety. No other can offer some of these functionalities and capability. Smart Probe design offer auto calibration achieved by special digital circuits an algorithms that could provide automatic calibration continuously. The devices don’t need any kind of calibration avoiding undesirable measures deviations that could occur in conventional probes. Using until 8 temperature sensors distributed along the probe, data could be read with a 0,0625 0C (0.1125 oF) resolution to achieve better temperature conversion.

Smart Probe has an optical technology could do accurate tank gauges, tightness tests and water measurement. Are build in regular sizes of 1,95 mts (77 inches) and 2,54 mts (100 inches), but can be built in special sizes.

The reading principle is based in an optical beam tracing the product level. The optical technology provides accurate readings even in high unstable levels, which represents much more accurate deliveries. Tracing is made by a special secure processor.

Another feature is the capability of reading two liquid sensors locally. With this, monitoring well and tank sump sensors could be solved locally. CromaID is an exclusive feature to control the behavior of the product quality.

Reading the amount of light absorption of each light wavelength and a dedicated software algorithm, it could inform each standard of the delivered product in the tank.

SmartProbe is installed in the manhole of the tank. If you use a pump controller, the S2 System platform could integrate all data, providing the capability of selling during deliveries, because each refueling could be read in real time and considered to determine the amount volume delivered.

Specially designed, floaters are protected inside the probe. This prevent float to be locked by product elements that could contaminate tank and for safety purposes. Optionally, probes could be offer with challenge type protocol for secure data locations.

Operation on Safety System

Screens are presented to the user with a lot of details. Level, temperature, and operational data are shown in an intuitive way. When using CromaID, a dedicated dashboard show the product quality.

Another screens presents the real behavior of the tank, showing historical data. Adding, several tools (like zoom and scale factor) could be used to auditing and retrieve important data.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 1910 mm version
70 mm (Diameter) x 2255 mm (Height)
5,9 kg
Dimensions: 2549 mm version
70 mm (Diameter) x 2320 mm (Height)
7,0 kg
Operation Temperature
0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Immersed on Tank
Place of Installation
Tank Sump
Power Requirements
12 VDC 100 mA by Security Barrier
Approvals / Certificates
RS 485

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Products Mini S2 Line

Products Ecologic Line