Programmable Logic

Additionally to all the tank gauge capabilities and environmental protection, S2 System can be transformed into a complete control system for industrial plants where it becomes necessary a control logic based on the tank information like level, volume or alarms.


In some plants, there is a fundamental requirement to control pumping and filtering that must operate under certain conditions. Operations such as spare tank filling, Diesel dialysis , etc. require continuous measurement and real time integration integrated and controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or a Supervisory System (SCADA, BMS) to perform operations automatically and in a safe form. In fact, it can be used ModBus protocol to interface with PLC or SCADA system. In plants that don't have supervisory system, the LPS Module (Programmable Logic S2) allows do this control without standard PLC equipment, in a competitive way, without need hiring expensive teams to programming these systems in Ladder language.

LPS Module

The LPS module consists of special module cards with outputs placed on S2 that will perform the control logic of the fully integrated plant. The IBOX card, can be responsible for managing up to four output devices named DIGIOUT, where each DIGIOUT board could drive 8 port. In this fact, there is the possibility to control up to 32 output ports that can be connected to controlled devices like pumps, valves, etc. For more information, see the detailing on the IBOX and DIGIOUT.

Connection Mode

S2 System Módulo LPS

Principle of Operation

With this additional boards, you can define the logic through simple logic equations intuitively, using mathematical operators known as _AND_ _OR_ _NOT_. The visual interface provides a logical grouping for better understanding, giving an intuitive manner to define the desired logic.

Control Logic Example

See how you are extremely simple write an expression to operate lung tank filling on a system with three tanks, two solenoid valves and a pump.

VALV1 and VALV2 is the outputs corresponding solenoid drive valves for control of the Tank 1 and Tank 2 respectively.
PUMP corresponding output corresponds the motor driver of the product transfer pump.



Note that variables are related to low and high levels defined for the Tank 1 and Tank 2 with SmartProbe measuring. Note that are only three basic mathematical expressions,to express the control logic, without knowledge of PLC's programming logic .

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