Technical Documents and Manuals

Version Size Download
Quick Installation Guide - Supervisor Quick installation guide of Supervisor (in Portuguese). 1.0 397 KB pdf flat
Supervisor Installation (Office) Supervisor installation scheme in a office (in Portuguese). 1.0 191 KB pdf flat
Underground Tanks Installation Guide Indicates the SmartProbe installation in underground tanks (in Portuguese). 1.0 473 KB pdf flat
Aerial Tanks Installation Guide Indicates the SmartProbe installation in aerial tanks (in Portuguese). 1.0 501 KB pdf flat
Installation Quick Guide - SmartSeal Indicates the SmartSeal installation in a Gas Station (in Portuguese). 2.0 581 KB pdf flat
S2 System
Operation Manual - S2 System Complete operation manual of S2 System 3.05 9,6 MB pdf flat
Installation Manual - S2 System Complete installation manual of S2 System (in Portuguese). 6.3 4,56 MB pdf flat
Simplified Operational Training - S2 System Simplified Operational Training document (in Portuguese). 1.0 1,82 MB pdf flat
Quick Reference - S2 System Reference of many items of S2 System (in Portuguese). 1.0 937 KB pdf flat
Mini S2
Installation and Operation Manual - Mini S2 Complete Installation - Operation manual of Mini S2 (in Portuguese). 3.4 8 MB pdf flat
Installation and Operation Manual - Ecologic Line Complete operation/installation manual of all Ecologic line (in Portuguese). 2.8 3,57 MB pdf flat