Ecologic MDB - Enviromental Monitoring for BMS Systems

The Ecologic MDB was specially designed to monitor the various sensors distributed in a Gas Station, reporting all events through communication via Modbus RTU. Suitable for systems BMS (Building Management Systems) that communicate via Modbus RTU (eg PLCs). Sensors can be installed in monitoring wells of double-walled tanks, in sump pump, sump tank, diesel filters and the different cameras sidewalk stand. It is a single system, not belonging to the S2 System package.

With Ecologic MDB, you can perform the following operations:

Check leak alarms;
Acknowledging alarms;
Visual and audible indication of alarm;
Distinction to sound new alarms and acknowledged alarms;
Indication of the operation of the MuxLiq;
Change in the real-time clock;
View the events generated grouped by zone;
Indicating the date and time of generation of alarms;
Setting the number of MuxLiq in console;
Connect a siren via a dry contact alarm indicating;
Events logged with time stamp with a resolution of seconds.

The menus are easy operation and self-orienting, eliminating the use of tabs shortcut or query via special keys. The menu guidance allows quick access to all the functions offered by any user even with no training to operate. Can support up to 6 Muxliq capable of monitoring up to 48 sensors (or Intelligent Universal).


All situations of alarm (leak detected by the sensors, abnormal situations, etc..) Are recorded with time stamp at the moment that have occurred and are called events. These records allow you to trace the history of events, checking the sequence of how the alarms occurred, allowing a more detailed analysis and careful of occurrence of environmental damage, allowing the correct solutions take control and containment. The system allows the recording of this history in a continuous list, ie the oldest event is replaced by the most recent event, but always keeping a history of 450 events a controlled area.

For situations where you need only the Environmental Monitoring, the Ecologic Console is ideal alternative. It devotes itself exclusively to the specific control of leak sensors, but can be easily expanded to a system S2 complete with the simple addition of modules, greatly reducing the cost of migration.

  • Economical option for leak monitoring;
  • Operates independently to monitor exclusive leak sensors;
  • Developed with the same platform as the S2 System keeps your investment in the upgrade of the system, so you can evolve according to their needs;
  • The most advanced technology in environmental monitoring at the lowest price.


  • Liquid crystal display with 4 lines of information backlit;
  • Keyboard membrane water resistant;
  • Functional keys with quick access;
  • Transmission status of the sensors through the Modbus RTU protocol.

Technical Specifications

359 mm (W) x 434 mm (L) x 150 mm (H)
1,2 kg
Operation Temperature
0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
90% (Max) Not condensing
Place of Installation
Safety and Security Area
Power requirements
110V or 220V AC - 60 Hz
Approvals / Certificates
RS 485; Modbus RTU (Ethernet)
Firmware Updates
via Bootloader
Connection Mode
Server or Client

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