SmartLiq - Intelligent Enviromental Sensing


Environmental sensors are device that could detect liquid presence inside double wall tanks, tank sumps and pump sumps, always with wires connected to a sealed unit. They are installed in monitoring well and they are necessary to attempt environmental requests.

In S2 platform, liquid sensor could be connected directly in one of these equipments:

  • Muxliq;
  • Smart Probe;
  • Smart Seal

This concept of multiple connections in several devices could achieve cost benefits to the user. Less infrastructure, less cables more control.

Podem ser instalados, por exemplo, no interstício dos tanques que possuem parede dupla. Neste caso, são instalados no poço de monitoramento do tanque. Podem também ser instalados na câmara de contenção do tanque e em outros pontos da pista, como nos sumps de bomba sempre acoplados à uma unidade seladora.

There is two different kind of environmental sensors: Universal Sensor and Smart Sensor. The Universal Sensor could identify two operational states: Normal and Liquid Presence. Smart Sensor could identify four operational states: Normal Liquid Presence and two more fail condition: Short Circuit and Open. When facing a fail in installation, the universal sensor could compromise the environmental monitoring. It could inform a false situation and do not identify which fail.

Operation on Safety System

Data conditions could be easily accessed in dedicated Sensor Screen, where all sensor could be analyzed getting all meta information of each sensor : Location, Controller and Status.

Technical Specifications

Ø 37 mm x 97 mm
0,6 kg
Operation Temperature
0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Place of Installation
Monitoring Well, Sumps and Forecourt Chambers
Universal or Intelligent
Approvals / Certificates
Cable Length
10 meters
Installation Area
Classified Area

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