Probe Radar - Automatic Gauging for Big Volume Tanks

The ProbeRadar consists of a probe specially designed for huge tanks. With radar technology based on TDR method (Time Domain Reflectometry) that determines the product level by sending pulses of high frequency and analyzing its reflection on the surface of the product. Use the Dielectric Constant of the product to determine the level.

It is designed for tanks that have above 3.5 meters of diameter or high, and has two versions: One for tanks up to 12 meters and the other for tanks up to 45 meters.

Refer to the appropriate model consulting RSP technical personnel. To install the Probe Radar tanks must have a ¾ inch threaded flange. The data are performed by S2 in real-time. The volume is calculated using mathematical algorithms based on tank geometry, previously inserted. With a single power supply, it is allowed up to 4 probes connection in a same link. Can be installed in the same Supervisor (same cabinet) sharing with other optical probes.

Safety System Operation

Detailed screen presents information in a friendly way. Several information as level, maximum stock and status can be viewed easily and intuitively.

All screens show the tank profile behavior continuously. Analysis tools (such as zoom and scale change) are operator available to perform a full audit at any time.


The report system allow visualization of several variables as volumes, adjusting automatically the measurement unit, in order to present for better analysis.

Movimentation Report



Sell Report by Probe


Technical Specifications

10 kg
Place of Installation
Tank Top
Power Requirements
90 VAC - 253 VAC
HART Protocol (4 - 20 mA passive)
Approvals / Certificates

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